Friday, October 20, 2006

Cut and Run

While I am mildly encouraged by the fact that public opposition to the brutal U.S. occupation of Iraq is beginning to have a real effect on the mid-term election campaign, I am still horrified (though not surprised, of course!) that politicians only seem to change their opinion on an issue when it becomes an obvious political liability for them.

The war and occupation are not wrong because they are going badly; they were always morally and legally wrong. And while I appreciate the real impact these changes of minds may have in the up-coming election, I am also appalled that ALL these folks that are now distancing themselves from the Chimp-in-Chief and the debacle in Iraq were originally all jingoistically in favor of the policies they are now pooh-poohing.

Thanks, but we are about 600,000 Iraqis too late for that, and frankly, that keeps me up at night.

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Chris Hartman said...

I'm also tired of hearing that "Everyone thought Saddam had WMD." That's obviously not true. Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter would tell anyone who would listen that he didn't have them.