Monday, July 02, 2007

Weird Sh*t I See While Riding My Bike - Part 1 (Why Don't We Do It In The Road?)

Another segment I'd like to christen here to document all the interesting (and sometimes bizarre) stuff I see and ride by - or over - while on my bike. I'll start with a bang: yesterday, on Waring and La Brea, while riding back from the Bicycle Film Festival in Hollywood, I passed a bright red silicon vibrator sitting in the middle of the road. For the rest of my ride home, I kept thinking: how did this vibrator end up on the street? Did its user throw it out his or her apartment window in a fit of orgasmic joy? Or was it thrown out of a car window as it was getting pulled over by the cops because of its excessive swerving? Or maybe it simply fell out of someone's bag while they were crossing the street? Or was it dug out of the trash by a stray dog looking for food? Ah, if sex toys could talk!....but then again, forget that thought - this is probably best left unsolved, as Nigel Tuffnel would say!

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