Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In the Cauldron

This is a new segment that I'd like to do on a regular basis. As some of you know, I get easily aggravated by small, often inconsequential things, and usually vent my frustration in unhealthy or annoying manners. This will be a way for me to do this without driving the people around me completely crazy. The degree of my discontent will be measured on a semantics scale, from "headbutt" to "up against the wall", with other ratings in between to be announced later, as I make them up.

My target today (no pun intended) is...the Beatles! Their catlaog is co-owned by Michael Jackson and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, but my understanding is that the surviving Beatles, along with the Lennon and Harrison widows still have full creative control of the music. So, I will blame them for letting Target use the McCartney tune "Hello Goodbye" in its most recent ad campaign, and I will blame Paul in particular for allowing this to happen since he wrote the song.

So, Paul, step on up and come get your headbutt! You deserve it, lad!

1 comment:

Perdu said...

What is it with the bald Frenchmen and the headbutting?