Wednesday, June 06, 2007


For the longest time, I treated the Beatles' collection of recordings as a two-tier catalog: there was Revolver in 1966, with everything that came after it, and then there was the stuff before that, the Beatlemania stuff. When I discovered the Beatles, I immediately gravitated to the later-period recordings, and I pretty much ignored the pre-Revolver releases. Years later, I got into the other albums, like Rubber Soul and Help!, and while listening to the title track of Help! tonight, I was reminded how absolutely brilliant these guys had gotten by early 1965! In particular, I think that Paul and George's background singing on the verses for that track is proof that the Lennon/McCartney song-writing team was pure genius. For that little bit alone, they are forever gods in my mind.

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Chris Hartman said...

I agree. I think the later catalog, with eclecticism and psychedelia, appeals more to the adolescent male. But the early stuff is just perfect pop music, especially compared to what was being produced at the time.