Sunday, September 11, 2005

Life Imitates Art

Gareth Keenan, assistant to the regional manager

Michael Brown, assistant to the city manager

Gareth Keenan: "I'm the assistant regional manager."

David Brent: "Assistant to the regional manager."

- BBC Series "The Office," 2001.

Time magazine reported that FEMA chief Michael Brown's official bio described his only stint in emergency management as "assistant city manager" in Edmond, Okla. But a city official told Time that the FEMA chief had been "an assistant to the city manager."

- Maureen Dowd, NYT, 11 September, 2005


dirk said...

It gets even better. Michael Brown's last job (which he received low performance marks) was at a rules enforcer for the Association of Arabian Horse something-or-others. Basically a traffic cop for stallions.

Eve's Apple said...

Brilliant! Only it does seems like a slight insult to Gareth. It seems to me that he was more effective than Michael Brown. Plus he can't help it if his productivity was reduced by his stapler being encased in jello!