Thursday, August 25, 2005


In addition to Pain's staggering age tabulations below, I can report that the Stones concert was clearly audible at Ruggles Station when I passed through there on my bike at about 8:30 pm on Tuesday. According to Yahoo Maps, Ruggles is about a mile from Fenway Park. This means that almost the entire MIT campus plus all of Simmons and Emmanuel Colleges and Northeastern University could also hear it.


Eve's Apple said...

I love the map. It's like a Rolling Stones shock wave.

Having once experienced a Beach Boys concert in much the same way you describe, i.e. from a dorm room, I can attest that it really is like a shock wave.

Anyone who might want to torture me, take note: force me to listen to a Beach Boys concert from a distance (or that ice cream truck that trolls the Forest Hills area) and I will go insane.

p.s. I do enjoy Beach Boys recordings. Except of "Kokomo". That is also torture.

Perdu said...

Who's Chris Hartman? Anyway, eve's, your comment alerted me to the fact that I should have included Boston University on the list of afflicted, I mean affected, campuses.