Friday, August 26, 2005

Inconsequential Observation

OK, I gotta get this off my chest: I'm all for people being able to wear comfortable shoes at work (especially women), but this whole beach-flip-flops-and-corporate-suit thing really looks stupid! I know it's hot out there, but there are plenty of much cuter open-toe shoe options other than the $30 GAP flip-flops color-coordinated with the $50 JCrew tank-top. Enough already!


Chris Hartman said...

"Inconsequential observation, my arse."

So says Keith Olbermann, in an exchange with TV oddity Mo Rocca on Olbermann's MSNBC show Countdown (hat tip to Helen):

"It's a no-brainer, publicity-wise. When you meet the president, you clean up a bit.

"A fashion faux pas caused an uproar when several players members of the Northwestern University championship women's lacrosse team wore flip-flops to a ceremony at the White House..."

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And Pain, keep observing.

dirk said...

Duely(sp?) noted: my flip-flops are in the garbage. But remember, Ralph Nader saw it fit to wear combat boots with a suit.

Pain said...

Well, Dirk, Ralphie wearing them boots with his Borat suit is a hell of a lot cooler than flip flops with an Agnes B. skirt.

It's like Ralph thought he was in the Clash or something (did he write "The Guns of Brixton"?). Flip flops are generally extremely uncool to begin with, so when they become a fashionable item, the whole thing turns completely ridiculous. I often observe urban professional women walking around downtown with those flip flops on a rainy day, their feet wet and black with dirt - a sad spectacle! Another fun observation is the care that goes into color-coordinating the flip flops with the tops; quite an expensive undertaking!