Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's About French Toast, People!

Don't over-analyze it! It's just about the gooey goodness known as French Toast. THAT'S IT!

You take some bread. You dip it in some egg. And you fry it up. That's it!!!! Stop trying to read more into it than what's there in front of your face.

Some people like to put butter and maple syrup on the French Toast. That's my route. But maybe you like orange marmalade. Speaking for myself, orange marmalade is disgusting. ANY marmalade is disgusting. What is marmalade anyway? Is it jelly? No? Is it jam? No? Well what the fuck else is there?????? I propose that marmalade be banned posthaste.

But WHATEVER, dude, you like marmalade, go for it! Spread it out on your French Toast like the marmaladista you are!!! Just leave me the fuck out of it!!!

Me, I likey my 100% pure Maple Syrup from Vermont. But you all do whatever the hell you want!!!!! Just leave me alone already!!!

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