Sunday, April 01, 2007

LA Celebrity Sighting #10

I went down to this place called the Farmers Market down on Fairfax and 3rd a few weekends ago; it's not really a farmers market, but more like a tourist attraction, with dozens of souvenir shops and restaurants, very much like Faneuil Hall in Boston. It's adjacent to The Grove, a fancy-schmancy pedestrian outdoor mall, complete with a trolley and all the upscale stores and restaurants one would expect. Anyway, here I am, reading Rolling Stone magazine at this newsstand, silently lamenting the terrible state of the American rock scene (the heinous poseur band Fall Out Boy was on the cover!), when I looked up and found myself right next to Kanye West! I of course pretended to not recognize him (you gotta stay cool!) and proceeded to grab all sorts of different mags to look at as a transparent excuse to stay close to him. He was there with a woman and a kid, and spent some time talking to someone on his cell phone about some photo shoot. I have to say, he looked quite classy and handsome, and I probably would have said something to him if he had been alone.

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