Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Final Chapter??

So, I'm reading Rolling Stone, and I see that murdered rapper Notorious B.I.G. is coming out this month with yet another posthumous album called "Duets: The Final Chapter" . This album contains duets with other artists (some of them dead, like Bob Marley!) that were completely manufactured in the recording studio by various producers. These tracks are evidently all new.

Now, I'm not against trying new things musically, like Billy Bragg and Wilco recording music to unreleased Woody Guthrie lyrics (they were actually invited by Guthrie's daughter to do so), but this is just stupid. The guy is dead. It's over. I thought so when Paul, George and Ringo recorded over a John Lennon demo in 1995 and released the track as a Beatles song, and I think so now.

Just stop it.

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dirk said...

But dude! What about the upcoming Mozart-Elvis-J.Joplin Peel Session coming out this month? I hear they used the time machine from Back to the Future to make it happen.